An inn on the lake with a superb view of the lake Sennentei

「Welcome to Sennentei in Sanin, Tottori」

Lake Togo, which can be viewed from your room, has a calm water surface and beautiful sunsets to soothe away your travel weariness.
In the coldness of winter, the steam from the spring source at the bottom of the lake envelops the surroundings with a mysterious ambiance, and in summer, a refreshing breeze from the lake creates a moment of comfort.
Experience the ultimate sense of freedom and luxury watching the lake views quietly changing from moment to moment.

Access by car
Tottori Airport → Sennentei About 50min
Yonago Kitaro Airport → Sennentei About 80min
Izumo Enmusubi Airport → Sennentei About 100min

Base yourself at this hot spring on the lake,
and enjoy trips to the charming sightseeing spots in Sanin

Surrounded by the Japan Sea and Chugoku Mountains, the area is full of nature, history, and culture.
Also enjoy traveling around a treasure trove of magnificent nature, including the Tottori Sand Dunes, and experience the stunning views only available in the area.

Tottori Sand Dunes
In the locality of Sennentei in Tottori Prefecture, you can enjoy visiting places like the Town of White Walls in the Kurayoshi City Utsubuki District, where there is both a stone bridge that was built over Tamagawa River during the Edo period, and a townscape with red roof tiles, white mortar walls and a calm atmosphere; and the Tottori Sand Dunes, one of the largest sand dunes in Japan and a leading sightseeing spot in Tottori.
Tottori Sand Dunes Izumotaisha Shrine<
Izumotaisha Shrine
If you go a little further, you can visit the Izumotaisha Shrine, which is one of the most famous shrines in Japan for matchmaking. The hotel can be used as a base to visit all of these places.

The inn on the lakeThe allures of SennenteiSENNEN-TEI POINT

A panoramic view of Lake Togo

An excellent location where you can enjoy the lake views from the guest room, the open-air baths, and the private open-air baths.

Roten location
Free-flowing spring source
Hot water

The variety of bathhouses in the inn include two large baths, two open-air baths, and two private open-air baths, all offering the pleasure of soaking in free-flowing water from the spring source.

Free-flowing spring source
Brand beef & snow crab

Our meals are prepared with plenty of delicacies, such as Tottori brand beef Tottori Beef Oleic Acid 55, snow crabs and swordtip squid landed at Sakai Port, just-picked wild vegetables, and other seasonal ingredients.

Kaise dishes snow crab
The heart of hospitality presented with fresh flowers

Seasonal flowers and wild grass arrangements are displayed at various places inside the inn. We love seeing the smile they bring to our guests' faces.